Resources For Investigating Today's Competing Religious Claims

Other Religions and Beliefs

We live in an increasingly pluralistic world, where most metropolitan areas have dozens if not hundreds of religions represented. Understanding other people’s religions is no longer an option but a necessity. Here you will find resources on a variety of religions, with special attention to how these other religions view Jesus Christ.

Book Review: Out of the Cults and Into the Church

This book was a culmination of Janis Hutchinson’s master’s thesis and reflects the many lessons she learned first-hand during her years of struggling to replace her formerly held Mormon worldview with a biblical one.

Janis Hutchinson, Out of the Cults and into the Church

References for those pursuing serious study of religious groups commonly called sects, cults, or new religions.

Rob Bowman examines some of the teachings of the popular New Age teacher Marianne Williamson and compares them to the Bible. This article uses a helpful table to compare some of the biblical phrases that Williamson redefines to their actual, biblical definition.

Articles on the Montana-based group founded by the late Mark L. Prophet and his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

A critique of three articles in the popular magazine Yoga Journal, showing that yoga is incompatible with biblical Christianity.

References on Christian Science, New Thought, Religious Science, Unity, and other forms of the mind sciences.

How do the teachings of, and historical evidence for, these great religious figures compare? A respected historian answers this question.